A Gallery of Nodes with Drupal

For my photo-gallery I wanted some peculiar features: a drupal-node for each element (photo) related to a drupal-node for each album, a fully featured gallery without using on of the out-of-the-box gallery modules (I didn't like media_gallery and node_gallery).


- Photos are nodes, not fields: you can use all Drupal potential dealing with them :-)
- You are free to use any standard “views” or views-submodule to display your gallery*.
- Images files are stored in Date/Album folders.
- Photos-nodes are referenced to their album automatically and since the upload.
- Bulk upload function.
- Bulk edit photo Captions (or tags or whatever you want).
- Bulk reorder items function.
- Publish/Unpublish an album in one click.
- Select manually which photo has to be the album-cover.
- Child albums inside parent albums.
- No theming/styling: everything is done via modules set-up, you don't need to edit any code.




June, 2013

A Gallery of Nodes with Drupal

  • Tutorial 1 - How to create a gallery with Drupal

    To create the photogallery of this website I used Drupal. Here it is what I did. My purpose was to have a drupal-node for each element (photo), but I didn't like the out-of-the-box gallery modules that you can get with Drupal.
    Film - Video November 2017
  • Tutorial 2 - Administration menu and upload function

    In this tutorial we are creating the administration menu for an Album, the Publish/Unpublish function and the Bulk upload function for the photos.
    Film - Video
  • Tutorial 3 - Reorder Items

    In this tutorial we are creating the “reorder items” function: this will allow us to decide in which order the photos will be shown on our album.
    Film - Video
  • Tutorial 4 - Bulk edit captions

    In this tutorial we are creating the “bulk edit captions” function: in this example we are bulk editing the photo descriptions, but it could be used to bulk edit any field of the photo-node: tags, locations, taxonomies etc.
    Film - Video
  • Tutorial 5 - Display the Album

    In this tutorial we are finally showing the gallery! In this example I'm using Views Galleriffic, but this is just my taste: what we have done in the previous tutorial let you completely free to choose how display an album :-)
    Film - Video
  • Tutorial 6 - Index and nested albums

    In this tutorial we create the index page of our Galley. This page will show title, summary and the cover photo of every album. Then we are going to see how to create nested albums.
    Film - Video


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