A long time ago Matteo and Maurilio became Zorro and Zorro, then they invented and founded the Zorring!
From that moment the Zorring swallowed one by one all their friends: everybody got involved in crazy adventures on mountains, canyons, caves...
Multi-day trekkings was the first activity, then canyoning, then multi-day sea kayaking, then caving… Then mixing altogether!

I've never been looking for adrenaline. My targets have always been enjoying the beauty of the world, exploring mysterious places and living real freedom in a pristine Nature.
...And to achieve this you must be adventurous, off course, as mysterious and pristine places are usually not so easy to reach :-)

I always avoided professional guides: to enjoy freedom you must be free, and you cannot be free if there is someone that takes your responsibility.
Only if you are completely responsible of yourself you can be really free.
Also, without a guide, every new place is a new exploration!
In 2004, with Maurilio, we made a film, Lux Alibi!
It is a fantasy film, like the Lord of the Ring, but nicer ;-)
(here with English subtitles)

After many years of beautiful experiences in Italy and around the world, in 2013 I moved to New Zealand...

When I was a child I really enjoyed all the tales and stories my grandmother used to tell me, there were also songs in her tales, and she used to sing those song to me.
Maybe for this reason, since I grew up, I've always loved to tell stories too.
Well, this photo-blog doesn't sing, but here I tell some of the most beautiful experiences in my life.
Every page is a different story, where every photo and its caption is an episode of the story, if you like, you are welcome to listen :-)
I know, unfortunately most of the stories are in Italian only, but I'm slowly translating some of them...

As I said, I'm now living in New Zealand: contact me if you are getting here around!

How have I made this website?
Well, first of all I'm a great fan of the open-source content management system Drupal. After some years I've learned it quite well... And here there are some video-tutorial of mine that explain how I made the most tricky part of the structure this websites: the storytelling galleries.

Matteo's Adventures


Matteo, alias Zorro, founder of the Zorring. In this photo: preparing a magic potion :-)

Foto di/Photos of: Matteo