All the nooks and crannies of Zante

Zante is a crazy island full of arches, caves, nooks and crannies... And, in 6 days of kayak, we explored them all!
One of the things that we'll never forget are the colours: we had never seen a sea as blue as this before... and all the colours were so incredibly bright that you may think that I altered the photos!
Zante is also famous worldwide for its shipwreck beach (so famous that if you search for "shipwreck beach" in google-image you get it immediately), but that beach is so crowed of people and boats that we ran away shocked as fast as we could.




September, 2018

Per un pugno di Basilico!

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Conillo and his friends defending our supplies from a horde of rats, while we are packing all our stuff for the adventure. - - Cover This time we have an anchor too! It will be very useful in a island were beaches are so rare like Zante. - - Cover Brindisi, just before taking the ferry. - - Cover The Albanian ferry is incredibly slow and we get to Zante at 5 pm, after 20 hours! We hurry to drive to the starting point, put the kayaks on the beach and pack everything in. At sunset we set out and at the dusk we finally land on this lovely beach: our first camp. - - Cover
Few hundred meters far away from our camp we found the Grand Canyon of Zante! - - Cover It is a perfect reproduction of the Colorado's Grand Canyon, but in Conillo's scale! - - Cover The Grand Canyon of Zante - - Cover The Grand Canyon of Zante - - Cover
The Grand Canyon of Zante - - Cover The coastline is really nice. - - Cover On Zante's cliffs. - - Cover After a few crowded beaches that do not deserve to be shown here, at late afternoon we find this amazing place for our second camp: a beach inside a cave, with even a little secondary exit (can you see the white spot on the right?) - - Cover
Our camp at the dawn. - - Cover After breakfast, leaving our cave from the secondary exit. - - Cover Zante is an island full of arches and caves! - - Cover Sloped ledge. - - Cover
I must climb it! - - Cover Did I say that Zante is an island full of arches and caves? - - Cover The coast gets more "vertical". - - Cover A cave among the cliffs - - Cover
Another cave among the cliffs. - - Cover ...and more cliffs. - - Cover After almost 4 hours of cliffs, we finally find a place to land on. Obviously it is in a cave, and if you explore it... - - Cover ...if you explore it you get out from here. We won't circumnavigate the little island in front: a cave makes a gallery from one side the other! (The cave is not the big one on the left, it is the small one in the centre!) - - Cover



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