All the nooks and crannies of Zante




September, 2018

Per un pugno di Basilico!

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Marvellous beaches. - - Cover This one is the beach we choose for our third camp: it is so beautiful! - - Cover Next morning, same beach seen from the sea. - - Cover Let's go. - - Cover
I don't remember: did I tell you that Zante is an island full of arches and caves? - - Cover Me - - Cover Sylvia and her friend: the blue duck Aimè. - - Cover Surprise: there's a cave here! - - Cover
Nice place for a climb! (No, we didn't dare it!) - - Cover I the depth of the mountain. - - Cover A little cove comes out exactly at lunch time! - - Cover Conillo staring at the horizon. - - Cover
4:30 pm, only cliffs, no beaches at all. - - Cover Suddenly we find this amazing place! It is so tiny that the kayaks have to stay moored in the water: there's no place for them. Let's climb up to see the panorama! - - Cover Zante's fantastic coastline. Ehi, but there are some caves there!! - - Cover Exploring the cliff - - Cover
The little secret canyon of our forth camp: can you see the moored kayaks? - - Cover Tomorrow's coastline - - Cover Conillo's camp. - - Cover Our camp: we are in a greener area, so we set up our Ikea's mosquito net. - - Cover
Early morning reflections in our secret cove. - - Cover The arch that yesterday we saw from the top of the cliff. - - Cover Amazing colours. - - Cover Kayaking at Zante. - - Cover



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