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September, 2018

Per un pugno di Basilico!

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Sylvia drinking at sunset. - - Cover Leaving the camp. If you look carefully you can see the walls on the little monastery's islet. - - Cover We paddle very fast and manage to get back to "civilization" around 11 am. - - Cover Here it is our itinerary: 106 km paddling. (Partenza=Start, Arrivo=Finish). We are at the Arrivo now, but our car is still at the Partenza! - - Cover
Hitch-hiking, bus, driving and at 5 pm we finally enjoy a break in a centennial olive grove. - - Cover Sylvia and the olive tree. - - Cover Conillo too wants a photo with the olive trees! - - Cover Back in Rome, we have two days left before Sylvia has to go back to Poland. Shall we have a rest? There will be time to rest, now lest have a last adventure in the Tuscia, the wild and beautiful volcanic hills north of Rome! - - Cover
Our adventure companions sailing. - - Cover Dinner around the fire, at the river shore. - - Cover The next morning. During all this adventure we never used the tent: only the mosquito-net a few times. - - Cover You cannot visit Tuscia without visiting Tuscania (that is not in Tuscany, by the way) - - Cover
Beautiful Tuscania. - - Cover Beautiful Tuscania. - - Cover Then we go to Vulci, that it is something quite unique: a castle from XI century (900 years old) that is still almost intact! - - Cover I dedicated a full story on this website about the castle of Vulci, its amazing canyon and the Roman bridge, so I won't describe it here. - - Cover
We walk on a fantastic canyon were the water find its way in... - - Cover ...Were the water find its way in a basaltic maze. - - Cover Our friend David joins us to say bye bye to Sylvia. Unfortunately this adventure is over :-( see you for the next one! :-) - - Cover



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