Tavolara Island and Donini Cave

After unexpectedly surviving the climbing of San Pantaleo granite ridges, I meet Scott at the airport for the second part of our sardinia adventures.
The first target is to paddle to Tavolara Island and climb an amazing via ferrata to the top.
Than we'll go to the Donini cave and I'm looking forward to show to Scott the amazing foam that I found there few days ago.

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September, 2017

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Rossano (my companion in the previous days of adventure) leaves in the morning and Scott is coming in the evening: what to do today then? While I'm driving to the airport with Rossano I notice a dramatic granite ridge... - - Cover Rossano leaves and I drive back to the granite ridge of San Pantaleo. The climbing is challenging and I wonder if later I'll be able to climb down what I'm now climbing up! - - Cover Conillo is climbing a challenging route too. We are both worried: if we won't find a trail on top of the mountain... Well, the down-climb will be very hard!! - - Cover Magically, some red marks appear on the very top: we have a trail to climb down! Anyway, this granite ridge is awesome and we must take Scott here too! But what is Conillo looking at? - - Cover
Conillo is looking at Tavolara Island. Framed among those granite formations, Tavolara is our target for the adventure of tomorrow. - - Cover At 9 p.m. we pick up Scott at the airport. My car was not full enough, so it was looking forward to get a mountain bike to accommodate in the boot! :-) - - Cover We sleep on the beach, ready to paddle to Tavolara Island. This is the dawn on the cove. - - Cover Same place exactly 3 minutes later: the sun rises and makes everything orange. - - Cover
In Italy we call it Sea-lily (Giglio di Mare), but it isn't actually a lily, the real name is Pancratium Maritimum. - - Cover Setting up the kayak to go Tavolara Island. But where is Scott? I picked him up at the airport 4 photos ago, and he hasn't appeared yet! - - Cover Scott has a business meeting and is lost in a video-conference! :-) - - Cover On our way to Tavolara we stop at a famous wreck. Comparing this photo with the ones we did in the 2005 trip, the ship has gone down into the water quite a while more! - - Cover
We land on Tavolara, take the gears and climb up the trail to the via ferrata. - - Cover And here we are, climbing the Tavolara's Via Ferrata - - Cover Iscale fustes: the perfect Sardinian style! The via ferrata uses juniper trunks bond to the rock, these are called "Iscale fustes" and have been used by shepherds since the time of nuragic civilisation. :-) - - Cover A closer look to Iscale fustes - - Cover
Scott climbing up. Look how vertical is this island! - - Cover On left top there's the cove were we spent the night. In the centre of the photo there's the beach were we landed with the kayaks. On the right is the cliff we are climbing up (but you may have already guessed it :-) - - Cover It looks quit high, but we are still in the middle of our climbing. - - Cover And here we are finally on top!! We have the kayaks on the beach 566 metres below. - - Cover
Tavolara Island toward east. - - Cover Conillo finds magic flowers dancing in the wind. - - Cover We climb down on the the other side, toward north. - - Cover Long story short: we climb down, get the kayaks, paddle back, put the kayaks on the car, leave, get to Dorgali, have a pizza... And the next morning we wake up here. - - Cover



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