Scott's Adventures

  • Bacu S'Orruargiu e Badde Pentumas

    "Cengia" (rock ledge) is the keyword of these two days: from Istrada Longa to the dizzying via-ferrata of Badde Pentumas.
    Viaggio September 2017
  • On top of San Pantaleo Peaks

    Last days in Sardinia, we move from limestone to granite... with many crests to climb on top!
    Viaggio September 2017
  • Tavolara Island and Donini Cave

    Scott arrives we continue the adventures together. Here it is the Tavolara Island climb up and the Donini Cave.
    Viaggio September 2017
  • 2012-03-26_08-47-37_Matteo

    Koalini on the Fair Ocean Walk

    Back to Australia after 9 years - Part 2 of 2. On the signs you can read: Great Ocean Walk, but we think that "great" is too much :-)
    Trekking di più giorni March 2012
  • 2012-03-19_10-46-46_Ross

    A sleep-walker on Mount Buggery

    Back to Australia after 9 years - Part 1 of 2. I went to Melbourne, but I didn't see it, cause we went immediately for a trekking.
    Trekking di più giorni March 2012
  • Pangi Beach, Pentecost

    Kayaking in Vanuatu

    Oz-Zorro (Scott) solo kayaking from Nguna to Pentecost
    Kayak di più giorni April 2006
  • Vanuatu, Oz-Zorro Australiano, 2004-2005

    Volunteering in Vanuatu - Photos from when Oz-Zorro d'Australiano lived in Vanuatu in the South Pacific
    Viaggio January 2005

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