On top of San Pantaleo Peaks

We leave the Supramonte, with its limestone mountains and huge verticals walls, and move to the north, the granite's domain.
Here the mountains are quite lower, around 500 metres, but the wind has carved incredible sculptures in the warm coloured rock. So beautiful sculptures that it is almost impossible to refrain from climbing on top!

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September, 2017

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Last day in Supramonte is bad weather. So we remain in Lanaitto Valley and do a half-day walk to Tiscali, a fallen-doline that was inhabited by Nuragic people, the ancient Sardinian civilization. - - Cover Along the way up. - - Cover Dolines are always beautiful, but this one is amazing: it is on top of a mountain; part of the "roof" it is still there, plunged diagonally with some trees on top; there are the ruins of the ancient village inside. - - Cover Conillo and Yoda exploring. - - Cover
After Tiscali we visit the so called "Giant's Tomb": a strange Nuragic typology of sanctuary, built 3000 years ago. Archaeologists still don't know what it was for. It gets this name because it has the shape of a tomb, with sepulchre and gravestone, but in a giant scale: what you see here would be the room for the coffin. - - Cover Scott gets out from a little hole under the "gravestone". - - Cover Conillo and the Giant's Tomb. - - Cover After an in-depth archaeological study, Conillo gets to the conclusion that yes, giants were buried here! - - Cover
We get back to Dorgali... - - Cover ...for our last dinner at the "Asso di Pizza": great pizza and zero wastes! All dishes, cutlery and glasses are compostable. - - Cover We move to north, the granite area. We spend the night at the little old church where I've been camping many times in the past, but this morning Scott stays too long on the pc: a priest arrives and kick us out! Ooops! - - Cover We arrive at Capo Testa: I wanted to show this marvellous place to Scott. He will spend most of the day in the sea while I... - - Cover
...While I climb the rocks. When I see these amazing natural sculptures, I cannot refrain from climbing! - - Cover To find the right path among the rocks is challenging and delights me a lot! - - Cover The little coves of Capo Testa. - - Cover Amazing sculptures! - - Cover
Sunset: the hippies that are living in this area gather together. - - Cover This cut is not natural: ancient Romans did it. They used to carving here the monoliths that, when in the final place, would be shaped into columns. - - Cover Next days we move to San Pantaleo village. yes, these are the same ridges where I was the day I was waiting for Scott: let's continue the exploration from where I sopped! :-) - - Cover Climbing San Pantaleo's mountains. - - Cover
Here we on top Aratena Peak. Last time I got on top of Albacana peak. - - Cover Behind Scott it is the little San Pantaleo village. - - Cover Wandering about on the crests. - - Cover :-) - - Cover



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