Koalini on the Fair Ocean Walk

Back to Australia after 9 years - Part 2 of 2. On the signs you can read: Great Ocean Walk, but we think that "great" is too much: about tree times per day we got on places where people could arrive by car, and this spoiled a bit the trekking. But the coast is really beautiful and we met the koalas! So, the right name should be "Fair Ocean Walk".




March, 2012

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2012-03-24_09-40-53_Matteo Here we are at the second trekking, this time it's me (fratellino) and Scott (fratellone). Where are we? - - Cover 2012-03-24_09-36-21_Matteo We are at the famous 12 Apostles. Actually now they are 10, as sadly two of them are gone (you can see what remains of them behind the first one). - - Cover 2012-03-24_11-08-51_Matteo The coastline here is very impressive: several inlets among high vertical rock walls... - - Cover 2012-03-24_11-07-46_Matteo ...Where high waves crash. - - Cover
2012-03-24_11-07-00_Matteo This is the only beach. About 100 years ago there was a shipwreck and the poor sailors swam to the coast and its many inlets. Only two of them won the lottery and got to this inlet, the only one with a beach, all the others died. - - Cover 2012-03-24_14-57-43_Matteo 20 Km faraway we leave the car and begin the famous Great Ocean Walk ! - - Cover 2012-03-24_14-25-08_Scott Eventually there is a sign that says that you should start the trail ONLY with the low tide. Actually there is not only the high tide, but the king high tide! I hold the rocks and climb as I can while Scott... - - Cover 2012-03-24_15-00-36_Matteo ...While Scott feels more positive and invite me to follow him. - - Cover
2012-03-24_15-00-38_Matteo ...Then, suddenly, he changes his mind. Why? :-) - - Cover 2012-03-24_15-09-52_Matteo Beautiful rocks along the beach. - - Cover 2012-03-24_15-27-51_Matteo Obviously there are the amazing signs to alert the trekkers of all the hazards! You may think that the first one is excessive.... - - Cover 2012-03-24_15-28-51_Matteo ...But not, it's quite realistic! - - Cover
2012-03-24_16-02-37_Scott Sometimes we leave the backpack on safe place and venture on the rocks to see the waves crashing. - - Cover 2012-03-24_16-17-37_Matteo Sometimes Scott goes a bit too far... Please look at the rock on the bottom right corner of the picture and consider that the photo was taken at 16:17 and 37 seconds. I say this because... - - Cover 2012-03-24_16-17-38_Matteo Because this is the same photo (can you see the rock?) taken at 16:17 and 38 seconds: yes, just 1 second later! Yes, Scott was still there. - - Cover 2012-03-25_09-56-49_Matteo Scott is quite tall. But the tree too. - - Cover
2012-03-25_11-34-10_Matteo Tall indeed! - - Cover 2012-03-25_11-02-33_Matteo We meet a wallaby. A wallaby is a bonsai kangaroo. - - Cover 2012-03-25_12-50-57_Matteo The track goes on among forests and beaches. - - Cover 2012-03-25_12-00-26_Matteo Here lives the world ugliest lizard. - - Cover
2012-03-25_14-36-59_Scott Walking on the beach. - - Cover 2012-03-25_14-20-21_Matteo Walking in the forest. - - Cover 2012-03-25_13-55-29_Matteo Were we aware of the great hazard we were facing? Do you know that a snake can strike down a tree on your head? - - Cover 2012-03-25_15-22-23_Matteo No, it's not tea. The colour is because of the tannin from the forest. - - Cover



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