Koalini on the Fair Ocean Walk




March, 2012

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2012-03-25_15-40-35_Matteo A sign suggests to visit some famous waterfalls. Well, we didn't expected to see something so great in this low landscape... But... Well... - - Cover Beautiful :-) Click on Full size: it deserves it. - - Cover 2012-03-25_17-05-34_Matteo Enjoying Autumn sun on the beach. - - Cover 2012-03-24_18-02-21_Matteo Who's there? - - Cover
2012-03-25_18-55-23_Matteo The Koala!!! Finally, seen from a short distance! I can now say for sure that this is the most funny and cuddly animal in the world. - - Cover 2012-03-25_18-35-27_Matteo On the tree there are two koalas, this one is Koalino, the most active and adventurous one (from a koala point of view). - - Cover 2012-03-25_18-55-30_Matteo This is Koalone and acts more like an average koala: it does nothing :-) - - Cover 2012-03-26_08-47-37_Matteo The next morning it rains and Koalino rolled in the shape of a ball to get some protection. - - Cover
2012-03-26_09-33-55_Scott Walking under the rain - - Cover 2012-03-26_09-33-57_Matteo Spider's jewellery - - Cover 2012-03-26_09-57-36_Matteo Yes, the drops on the spider net are beautiful, but I'd like better a sunny day. - - Cover 2012-03-26_10-59-08_Matteo-PAN Here ends our trekking: The Fair Ocean Walk. - - Cover



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