A sleep-walker on Mount Buggery

The sun rises and I wake up on top of a mountain... What's happened? How did I get there?
Some flashes come back in my mind: I was walking, step by step on heavy feet. I was following two friends... Where? Dream or Reality? I'll try to get the story from the photos.




March, 2012

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Partenza_Ross_04 Here I am, in Strayla, with Scott, the first Zorro from down-under. We met again after 9 years, in this trekking on Mount Buggery. - - Cover 2012-03-18_18-10-55_Ross Ross will guide us in this trekking! Could it be dangerous to stand on this rock at the very edge of the ridge? - - Cover 2012-03-18_16-15-39_Matteo Off course it is, but we were prepared because of the sign. I love this kind of signs, a funny things to see along Australian tracks: you can find them in the most remote and unexpected places. - - Cover 2012-03-18_18-42-57_Matteo Ross leads us on the trail. I left Nelson, in New Zealand 30 hours before and, for strange bus and plane timetables combinations, I got here after 30 hours without sleep. I must say that don't remember very well the day... I was just following the two friends and enjoying the nature around me in a sort of awake-edge status. - - Cover
Panorama_Ross_13 These mountains have rock walls on top, just over dense eucalyptus forests. - - Cover 2012-03-18_18-51-13_Matteo Quite a weird and nice hut, but the most beautiful room is... - - Cover 2012-03-18_19-11-43_Matteo ...The toilet! With an amazing view on the valley. - - Cover When we arrive at the camp-site it is almost dark. I set up my hammock, eat what they give me and faint in the sleeping bag. - - Cover
2012-03-19_10-46-46_Ross The next morning I resuscitated and my mind started to work again. Here I watch the map to understand where we are. On the fire the water for breakfast is boiling, what a nice day! - - Cover 2012-03-19_09-55-59_Ross I was soping up some cookies in the tea. Ross made this picture because found it weird. - - Cover 2012-03-19_09-56-24_Ross Then I saw Scott putting muesli in the coffee... I thought it's weird and made this picture :-) - - Cover 2012-03-19_11-44-38_Ross Today I really enjoy the trekking. Nature here is so different from New Zealand! - - Cover
I tell Scott that I found a great open-source software to stitch pictures into panoramas; he decides to test it immediately with this 8 photos panorama. By the way, this great software is Hugin: http://hugin.sourceforge.net/ - - Cover 2012-03-19_15-40-39_Matteo From left to right: Ross, Marty, Scott, Maurilio and Matteo. - - Cover 2012-03-19_13-56-14_Matteo A poisonous sneak. - - Cover 2012-03-19_12-44-55_Matteo-PANO Beautiful eucalyptus. - - Cover
2012-03-19_17-19-13_Matteo Big orchid. - - Cover 2012-03-19_15-51-20_Ross View from the top. Mount Buggery, where we camped, is the highest one in the centre of the photo. - - Cover here it the end of the first adventure. Now I was supposed to visit Melbourne, but you won't see any picture as I spent the next 3 days sick. Then... I was ready for the next adventure! - - Cover


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