New year's Eve on snowshoe

Arranging the New year's Eve on snowshoe was crazy: Lorenzo got the idea just 4 days before, I found the location and together we managed to find the snowshoes for everybody and all the other tasks.... But eventually we did it!
It was a great New year's Eve!
Unfortunately the bad weather for the next day didn't allow us to finish the adventure as planned, but still an awesome party :-)




December, 2017

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The team is ready for the new adventure. We were 11, but then a dog joined us: we are 12 now! - - Cover Federico and me. I was thinking he was carrying some wood for the fire, but not: he's got a digeridoo :-) - - Cover Climbing up: with wine, spumante, panettone and other delicious foods, our backpacks are as heavy as they would be in a 10 days trekking! - - Cover Above the clouds the sky is blue! - - Cover
...just to give you an idea of the backpacks. - - Cover Corrado and Francesca above the clouds. - - Cover Under the sun, finally! - - Cover Alessandra, me (hidden behind the backpack, actually) and Flaminia - - Cover
Flaminia enjoying the sunshine :-) - - Cover In the forest again. - - Cover Alfonso is dying, overwhelmed by his backpack! - - Cover Lorenzo: he got the original idea of this New Year's on the mountains. Then we planned it together. - - Cover
Out of the wood: the shepherd's building, our target, is not much faraway. The dog is our vanguard. - - Cover Muro Lungo above us. - - Cover The shepherd hut! - - Cover Claudia and her super-hero suit! ;-) - - Cover
It's just 3 pm. We leave all the backpacks at the hut and continue our walk further. - - Cover Let's go! Claudia's selfie. - - Cover Lorenzo and... the dog. He's part of the team now! - - Cover On the walk. - - Cover
Sunset is coming, we climb down to the hut. - - Cover Federica, Flaminia and the moon rising - - Cover The sunset! - - Cover The dusk: we use the last light to collect some wood for the fire. - - Cover



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