New year's Eve on snowshoe




December, 2017

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Amazing colours! - - Cover Breaking wood for the fire. - - Cover The shepherd's hut under the moonshine. - - Cover That's the inside: a single room and a hearth. Francesca enjoying the fire. It seams that we didn't manage to chop the wood as short as we wanted.... :-) - - Cover
The dog is looking for warm hugs. - - Cover Everybody chatting at the fire place. We then had a marvellous dinner and a party, with music too (I told that we carried a lot of stuff, didn't I?). We forgot to take pictures. - - Cover Midnight! - - Cover Happy New Year's Eve! - - Cover
Claudia's picture :-) - - Cover Conillo is the first one who wakes up and tells us that a storm is coming :-( - - Cover We had planned a nice walk for today, but all the mountains around us were disappearing in the clouds: we decided to leave (and it was a good idea, as it would be snowing and raining for the whole day on). - - Cover See you at the next adventure!! - - Cover



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