Guardian Angels - The movie

Short film written by Doug Brook and directed by Aaron Falvey.
Here I'm the bad guy. It was a very nice and pleasant day. In the afternoon there was the usual and unavoidable rush to finish everything before the sunset :-)
The position on the map is very inaccurate and gives just an idea of the area.

Watch the film below the photo-gallery!




May, 2014

Here it is the film!

Image Manager

The place - - Cover Shane, special effect manager - - Cover Doug bonding Nathan, the prisoner - - Cover It was a nice sunny day :-) - - Cover
Let's start! - - Cover Doug arriving to meet the bad guy. - - Cover The prisoner coming. Aaron director. - - Cover Conillo director assistant. - - Cover
Rehearsing action scenes. - - Cover The two snipers behind the camera :-) - - Cover The most evil guy! - - Cover Bullet-through-head special effect - - Cover
Who's the most evil, the black or the white? - - Cover Shadow - - Cover Last scenes - - Cover Last scenes - - Cover
At the and of the day - - Cover


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