John Muir Trail, part 1 - Into the Giant Sequoia forest

This is the story of the first 10 days of walk. From the giant sequoia forest (Sequoia National Park) heading north to Kings Canyon National Park. Then joining the John Muir Trail about 20 km north from its south starting point.
It was very difficult to select the photos for this story: these places are so amazing beautiful that I would have published three times more!
Photos are most by me, with some by David.




August, 2007

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While I'm struggling with the bureaucracy that is blocking me in Italy (a long story to tell...), my friends are packing our unbelievable amount supplies: there is also 4 kg of amazing hard cheese illegally imported into the US. - - Cover Day 1 - Finally I manage to join my friends and our adventure can begin! We are in the sequoia n.p. and these trees already look big... but the big ones have yet to come! - - Cover 2007-08-05_17-01-07_[Matteo] Beautiful lichens - - Cover 2007-08-05_18-12-48_[Matteo]_Pano This is the fattest sequoia in the world: 30 m. of circumference! It's not the tallest as it has lost its top. This photo doesn't show correctly the real size of this tree: people are much closer to the camera than to the sequoia, otherwise they'd look half size :-) - - Cover
You are not allowed to get close to the big sequoia, but this is a "small" one and we can touch it! - - Cover 2007-08-05_18-53-06_[Matteo] We leave the most visited area: our plan is to camp just outside of the giant sequoia area, as here it is not allowed. - - Cover 2007-08-05_18-53-38_[Matteo] Yes, this photo is quite similar to the previous one... but here it's so beautiful! - - Cover Day 2 - obviously we didn't mange to get out of the reserve before dark. So we left the marked trail and are camping hidden in the forest... Italians! - - Cover
2007-08-06_07-26-05_[Matteo] Artistic bush - - Cover 2007-08-06_08-42-07_[Matteo] Checking the map - - Cover 2007-08-06_09-37-46_[Matteo] Fallen sequoia - - Cover Franco has found a sort of pine seeds, delicious :-) - - Cover
2007-08-06_11-07-48_[Matteo] The holy-deere friend of Mononoke - - Cover 2007-08-06_15-53-03_[Matteo] On the trail - - Cover Once in a while we meet some horses. The dust they create gets in the socks and mixes with sweat... not really pleasant. - - Cover 2007-08-06_19-46-08_[Matteo] Dinner time - - Cover
Day 3 - After 3 dry days, finally a creek!! Perfect place for a nice bath! (Let's keep this photo smaller :-) - - Cover We are so hippie! Aren't we? :-) - - Cover 2007-08-07_13-02-05_[David] Then we meet a marmot. To take this photo Mihai run after it... - - Cover 2007-08-07_13-02-10_[Matteo] ...Mihai run after it naked, surprising some American trekkers :-) - - Cover
2007-08-07_14-12-16_[Matteo] Magic bark - - Cover 2007-08-07_16-25-38_[Matteo] In our backpacks there are 11 days of supplies, and Elizabeth Pass is at more than 4000 metres of altitude. I remember this afternoon as the hardest of all the trekking. - - Cover 2007-08-07_19-35-39_[Matteo] Hold on, Zorro, we are almost there!! - - Cover 2007-08-07_21-59-14_[David] We make it and get down on the other side to a suitable place for camping in the middle of the night. Here Miriam is preparing a late dinner. - - Cover



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