John Muir Trail, part 2 - Mountains, lakes... and squirrels

In the previous episode or group split into 2, and 4 people of us left the trekking.
4 heroes remain... Then only 2. This is the story of the last 200 km to Yosemite, across the John Muir Wilderness.




August, 2007

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2007-08-15_09-27-24_[David] Day 11 - our friends are leaving the trail, we continue the adventure in 4 people. - - Cover 2007-08-15_16-53-13_[Matteo] We are getting closer to the John Muir Pass, the highest in our trekking, after these big lakes. - - Cover On top of the pass there is a "trullo"! We have no idea why a typical ancient rural building of Puglia Region sits on top of the California Alps, but so it is: all the architectural details are there. Franco on top waving the flag of Sardinia. - - Cover Inside a sign says that it's not allowed to sleep there. We sleep there... Italians! :-) Actually my friends sleep there: I put my sleeping bag outside, wear all the cloths I have and spend a night under the stars at almost 4000 metres. It is monstrously cold... but so beautiful! - - Cover
2007-08-16_07-28-27_[Matteo] Day 12 - no trees. - - Cover We have no mirror: to see what I look like after 12 days walking I take a photo of myself. (the concept of selfie didn't exist in 2007) - - Cover 2007-08-16_13-58-57_[Matteo] Finally we descend again at an altitude suitable for trees. - - Cover 2007-08-16_14-50-18_[Matteo] Vegetal monsters - - Cover
2007-08-16_16-10-55_[Matteo] We miscalculated our supplies: we are having great dinner, but almost nothing for breakfast and lunch. So we rely on wild plants that Franco recognises as edible: it is always a good idea to take an agronomist with you in a long trekking! ;-) - - Cover 2007-08-16_16-11-57_[Matteo] Fruits! - - Cover 2007-08-17_07-47-02_[Matteo] Day 13 - Franco and the pot. - - Cover 2007-08-17_09-58-07_[Matteo] Juniper - - Cover
2007-08-17_10-01-35_[Matteo] Big junipers - - Cover Doesn't it look like the "Pan's Labyrinth" poster? - - Cover 2007-08-17_12-17-16_[Matteo] Dead tree - - Cover 2007-08-17_12-25-11_[Matteo] Very tall pines - - Cover
2007-08-17_15-09-01_[Matteo] Fording this creek, you get to some warm volcanic springs... - - Cover 2007-08-17_15-44-53_[Matteo] ...the water looks muddy and disgusting, but when you get in it's nice and pleasant. - - Cover 2007-08-17_17-29-08_[Matteo] From the springs, with a short walk we get to the "John Muir Ranch", a refuge that is only 10 km on foot and a lake faraway from a road. Here Frederica decides to leave the trekking and Maurilio goes with her: only two remain, and feel a bit like Highlander ;-) - - Cover 2007-08-17_17-21-37_[Maurilio] We check the common baggage, look at the map and... - - Cover
2007-08-17_17-31-08_[Maurilio] ...and we are ready: still half of the trail awaits us! - - Cover 2007-08-18_10-03-42_[Matteo] Day 14 - terrain - - Cover 2007-08-18_10-31-15_[Matteo] Two beautiful lakes just before a new 4000 metres pass. - - Cover 2007-08-18_12-13-39_[Matteo] View from the pass: what an amazing place! - - Cover



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