La leggenda di Aran

In a faraway land, the evil wizard Coeghen is chasing the Entar's Pendant. This powerful pendant is guarded only by a peaceful people of bee-keepers and once Coeghen get, it will make everyone slave of the wizard!
But the wise priestess Ashera has a plan. The courageous warrior Aran must steal the pendant before Coeghen: if Aran manages to sink it into the holy spring of Ninphil, then no-one will be able to use its power for the evil any more.

Written and shot in 2008. More than 3 years later, lost in our daily life tasks, this short was still not edited and forgotten :-(
In 2012, while I was full immersed in moving from Italy to New Zealand, Maurilio made me the surprise to edit it secretly :-)
Yes, some special effects and some voice-over are missing, the audio is very bad... But here it is: The Legend of Aran




June, 2008


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