Lux Alibi 01 - Pre-production

The Winter was the time for the first tasks: writing and discussing the script, create costumes.
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March, 2004

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The very beginning. Once per week we used to spend a night together to discuss the script that Matteo and Maurilio had written. - - Cover foto by David Isidori Then we tried every action to see if it really worked. - - Cover 2004_01_27_(22.45.02)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} The evil wizard Nefeg having a pizza and beer. - - Cover 2004_01_27_(23.27.17)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Good ideas were immediately written in the script. - - Cover
2004_01_27_(23.29.27)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Someone standing on a cabinet? Furniture was used to recreate the location. - - Cover Discussing the script during dinner. - - Cover King Nurvald and his fellows meeting King Finvarra. - - Cover In the script we used to write the concept, not the phrases. Then every actor tried to express it in its own way. The others were listening and commenting if it was well told or not. The result was written in the final script. - - Cover
Matteo and Stelvio. - - Cover Actors discussing the final script. - - Cover In the week-ends we used to going for some adventures: canyoning, caving, mountaineering. But on the way back... - - Cover ...But on the way back we used to scouting for locations. - - Cover
2004_04_28_(00.32.54)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Matteo was crafting the copper armour of Finvarra. - - Cover scan02 King Finvarra armour. Actually the cloak will be used for King Nurvald. Next Album: First shots, the Balegorn - - Cover


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