Lux Alibi 06 - Battle at Nimlot Temple

A big battle scene! A lot of confusion, a lot of amusement!
It was really impossible to chordinate the fightings, so we were just telling where to fight and who was supposed to die; then evrithing else was improvvisation :-) Some tourists arrived to visit the archeological site in the middle of the battle, and that was funny!




June, 2004

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apo07 The "Nimlot temple" is again an Etruscan necropolis, this time on the ancient Amerina road. We are filming a the "Tombe del Re e della Regina" (Graves of King and Queen). - - Cover apo03 King Nurvald and the Sorceress this time are director assistants. - - Cover apo01 The Baron will act as an anonymous warrior: in background and with different clothes nobody should notice he is the same person. I really love this photo! - - Cover scan14 Choosing the right perspectives in the graves. - - Cover
Gianandrea Iacobucci Prof. Gianandrea Jacobucci, from the faculty of Architecture of Rome. Ready for his extra part. On 11 April 2009 Prof. Gianandrea Jacobucci died. I remember the first time we met, in a party of the Architecture Faculty. I noticed him for his as eccentric as absolutely elegant suit. After a few minutes we were friends. He enjoyed immediately the idea of our film and gave us all the support he could. I'm writing this line as a tribute of his sympathy and happiness. - - Cover s3-02 Frame from the film: Mauro was climbing when he found the Moon Stone. In the meanwhile, in a magic world, the evil wizard Nefeg used the power of the Nimlot temple to conjure the Stone. - - Cover scan06 Maurilio (acting) and Matteo (directing) preparing the scene of the arrival of Mauro in the magic world. - - Cover scan10 Maurilio and Stelyos. - - Cover
scan09 Maurilio was expected just to pretend to throw the magnesium at the enemy. The scene got more realistic than expected. - - Cover s3-06 Frames from the film: Battle at the temple. - - Cover s3-09 Battle at the temple. - - Cover s3-10 Battle at the temple. - - Cover
s3-08 Battle at the temple of Nimlot. - - Cover s3-03 The free people are defeated: Nefeg has the Moon Stone! If the stone is still in his hands in 14 days, when the full moon gives it the maximum power, then no-one will be able to stop him from put the world in slavery. - - Cover s3-11 Finvarra and his people were investigating the temple... - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-11-27-0 ...When they found someone... - - Cover
Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-11-13-0 ...Someone really out of place: Mauro! - - Cover scan07 At the end of the scene we stop for a late lunch at this fountain. - - Cover


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