Lux Alibi 12 - Magic Duel

The day after the village party, it's time for the Magic Duel!
The wizard Nefeg is fighting against the sorceress Ivril, while trapped in her own dreams.
These few seconds of Ivril's dreams required all the morning to be filmed. The "stop motion" scene, where the camera runs around the two, was made with 160 still photos: Mihai and Silvia had to stay motionless while David was making the pictures, it took 30 minutes without a movement!




October, 2004

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2004_10_03_(09.54.32)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Mihai blessing the scene. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(11.00.55)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} We used some ropes to identify the camera movements on the ground. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(11.01.33)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} David, Mihai and Silvia. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(11.12.14)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} The perfidious and dreadfull wizard Nefeg! - - Cover
2004_10_03_(11.14.37)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Preparing the scene. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(11.09.23)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Matteo choosing the right frame. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(11.26.48)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Starting making the 160 photos that will create the scene. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(11.27.17)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Photo number 1. - - Cover
2004_10_03_(11.33.32)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Matteo keeps the level. Maurilio moves David step by step along the ropes on the ground. David makes the photos - - Cover 2004_10_03_(11.41.29)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Maurilio keeping the level, David taking photos. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(11.41.45)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Poor Silvia and Mihai: they had to stay motionless for about an hour! - - Cover 2004_10_03_(12.03.10)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Checking the result. - - Cover
At the end we got 160 photos ready for post-production. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-01-09-2 The final result, after post-production. - - Cover cop11 The final result, after post-production. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(12.08.23)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} After this endless photo-take, we started shooting the rest of the scene in a more traditional way. - - Cover
Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-01-06-2 The magic duel after post production. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-01-35-2 The magic duel after post production. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-01-40-0 The magic duel after post production. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-01-39-2 The magic duel after post production. - - Cover
2004_10_03_(13.27.37)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} And then... Let's leave the camp! Film-making stuff, party stuff, camping stuff... A lot of stuff! - - Cover 2004_10_03_(14.20.10)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} Matteo packing stuff in the car... - - Cover 2004_10_03_(13.40.01)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} ...The final result. - - Cover


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