Lux Alibi 14 - Nefelia's Tower

The town Council of Soriano nel Cimino allowed us to film in the main hall the Orsini Castle.
It was November and Silvia was dying of cold in the light dress of Nefelia. Matteo experienced to be a director with "tied hands".  :-)

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November, 2004

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2004_11_20_(10.28.08)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_IXUS_400)}_{{}} No ruins, no forests: this time we are at Soriano del Cimino, where the main castle hall will be the Nefelia's private room. - - Cover 2004_11_20_(13.13.52)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Assaliamo il castello carichi dei materiali di scena. - - Cover 2004_11_20_(11.01.32)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Main hall of Soriano del Cimino castle. Thanks to the City Council (owner of the castle) for the permission to use it! - - Cover 2004_11_20_(10.59.37)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Preparing Nefelia's desk. - - Cover
Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-54-13-0 Frame from the film - - Cover 2004_11_20_(11.00.32)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Nefelia's mysterious maps. - - Cover 2004_11_20_(11.54.30)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Choosing the right framing... and we are ready to go! - - Cover 2004_11_20_(11.50.22)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Maurilio, Matteo and Gabriele, directiong and filming. Matteo looks sad: maybe because Finvarra was captured... Or maybe because he cannot hold the camera with hands tied! - - Cover
2004_11_20_(11.55.05)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Poor Silvia: the castle is really cold and her dress really light! - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-54-17-1 Frame from the film: Finvarra imprisoned. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-54-13-2 Frame from the film: Nefelia receiving Finvarra. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-54-33-2 Nefelia: "Welcome to the castle, King Finvarra!" - - Cover
2004_11_20_(13.14.57)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} - - Cover


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