Lux Alibi 15 - Back to Nefeg's Castle

We went back to Piediluco castle to shoot some corrections of the scenes filmed last time.
This freezing night deserves a dedicated Story to show the emotions of the night and the beauty of the morning: I really hope that David's photos can render a bit of it also to people that were not there with us.

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November, 2004

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Ruins of Piediluco castle. We shoot the missing clips as fast as we can, without taking back stage photos: Winter is coming and days are much shorter. - - Cover We have decided to camp inside the tower: it is the most sheltered place and we feel that the night is going to be extremely cold. We don't have the ladder this time, but the Baron have always a solution! - - Cover Actually our brand new ladder doesn't look very safe... Neither the cracking steps sound safe... Well, we decide to use it only when really needed: luggage will go upstairs with our rope. - - Cover Preparing the camp in the tower. - - Cover
Then we return downstairs for a dinner around the fire. - - Cover Night photo of the castle: we have lighted up a fire in a hearth that probably had been used last time a couple of centuries ago :-) - - Cover Night in the castle - - Cover Nefeg's tower at night. Yes, David's camera has an amazing powerful flash! - - Cover
Singing and playing guitar in the castle. - - Cover Let's get back to the tower for the night. - - Cover Our camp: freezing wind enters from the window, but the room it's at least a bit sheltered. - - Cover The thermometer in the car recorded a -6° in the night. The castle is only 600 m above see level, but the area is surrounded by higher mountains that make it very cold. - - Cover
We spent about half an hour on top of the tower enjoying this marvellous morning! Here the valley still in the mist. - - Cover Trees in the mist on the lake shore. - - Cover 2004_11_21_(08.47.50)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} The Piediluco lake shows up while the mist retreats. - - Cover Matteo and Maurilio on the tower. - - Cover
Enjoying the warm sunshine. - - Cover Ciao Piediluco castle! - - Cover From the tower we can see our next destination: the medieval village of Labro. There we have an appointment with all the troupe coming from Rome. But you'll see it in the next story... - - Cover 2004_11_21_(09.09.39)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Let's go! - - Cover


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