A Mushroom week-end

(Written by Conillo) We had a very nice week-end altogether!
Sylvia and Matteo didn't know what to do, so I took them to harvest mushrooms.
Unfortunately they are very bad in choosing the right ones.
I found amazing beautiful red mushrooms with little white spots ...Then I found tasty and sweet purple mushrooms, but, guess what, they were collecting only brown ugly ones!
After a while I found some nice small mushrooms and and had a small breakfast with them... After the breakfast the forest looked different: the colours and the shapes were not the same, I rode back flying on a dragon above a pond with pink frogs...
What a nice weekend!




May, 2013

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Harvesting mushrooms with Matteo - - Cover There was plenty of beautiful mushrooms - - Cover But they were interested only in de ugly ones - - Cover Isn't this much better? - - Cover
Purple mushrooms. - - Cover After the breakfast the forest looked different. - - Cover Watching my photos. They didn't take any photo of me riding the dragon... That's disappointing! - - Cover


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