Bulmer Lake, walking on a petrified glacier

Franco had just the time to realize he was in New Zealand, then he was walking on this 3 and a half days trekking. We crossed the amazing "petrified glacier" between Mont Owen and Bulmer Lake.




February, 2013

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2013-02-18_09-56-37_Franco Arriving on the Owen River Valley - - Cover 2013-02-18_11-02-40_Matteo Franco, just arrived from Italy, has to challenge jet-lag and slippery paths on the Fyfe River valley. - - Cover 2013-02-18_12-04-49_Matteo On the dryer Italian Appennini Mountains fording is usually jumping from one rock to another... In New Zealand is something colder and wetter. - - Cover 2013-02-18_12-12-14_Matteo Conillo investigating local vegetation. - - Cover
2013-02-18_11-03-07_Matteo The track follows the Owen River. - - Cover We had lunch at the confluence with Bulmer Creek. Our friend Silvano told us to go on the left from here to follow the path of the cavers for Bulmer Lake. - - Cover 2013-02-18_14-26-00_Matteo We continued on the track looking for a path on the left. The track turned in a very steep uphill. - - Cover 2013-02-18_15-51-30_Franco ...a very very steep uphill! - - Cover
2013-02-18_14-42-57_Matteo In the end Conillo realized that we were on the wrong path... Actually Silvano, saying to go left, meant that we should have followed the Bulmer Creek... Ooops! :-) - - Cover 2013-02-18_16-40-08_Matteo Aware to be on the wrong path... We went ahead. - - Cover 2013-02-18_16-49-56_Matteo At the end of the forest we made a beautiful photo with a giant tree. - - Cover 2013-02-18_17-09-04_Matteo-PANO Out from the forest, to reach Bulmer Lake was still a long long way, beyond the mount on the centre. Click on "full size" to enjoy the panorama. - - Cover
2013-02-18_20-03-26_Matteo At 8 pm we were on the top of the mountain and started our way down to the Bulmer lake. - - Cover 2013-02-19_08-49-27_Matteo It was night when we reached our destination. Here it is Bulmer lake in the next morning. - - Cover 2013-02-19_10-14-43_Matteo The camp - - Cover "There are many threats hidden in the forest around our camp" Conillo saids....... - - Cover
"But you are safe with me patrolling our camp" Conillo continued. - - Cover 2013-02-19_10-13-29_Matteo Protected by Conillo, Franco could drink his Mate-infusion - - Cover 2013-02-19_10-47-59_Franco We started our second day of tramping crossing this beautiful forest. - - Cover 2013-02-19_10-52-26_Matteo-PANO The ridge above Bulmer lake seen from the forest. - - Cover
2013-02-19_12-21-19_Matteo Mount Owen is surrounded by an amazing sort of petrified glacier. Our plan is to cross it. - - Cover 2013-02-19_12-29-07_Matteo On the way to Mount Owen. - - Cover 2013-02-19_12-39-04_Franco On the way to Mount Owen. - - Cover 2013-02-19_12-59-44_Matteo Taking a break. Conillo shared some of his supplies with Franco. - - Cover



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