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  • DSCN3599

    Lux Alibi Back Stage

    300 photos to tell the story of making the film Lux Alibi. Locations, camps in the forest and people together to carry on this crazy project!
    Film November 2004
  • Trekking at Cape Tribulation, Australia

    Queensland, Australia. 3 days in the jungle, out of any trail. The video is in Italian, but almost with no dialogues, so it is enjoyable in English too.
    Film - Video August 2004
  • Selvaggi Blu

    This Story is told in Italian only :-(
    Film - Video May 2004




Hi, my name is Matteo.
This photo-blog is here to share all the adventures I do with my friends, the Zorri: on mountains, forest and around the world.
The Zorri is just a group of friends, real friends: we are neither a commercial company nor a club (more about us).