Mount Arthur, snow-version

Winter is ending, and we decide to do this hike to Mount Arthur.
It will prove to be a great idea: in the next months we'll be so busy at the cheese factory that we'll fell like in penal servitude!
A short hike, but with beautiful memories, wonderful scenarios and an amazing unexpected encounter!




September, 2014

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There are moss and lichens everywhere. - - Cover Beautiful moss and lichens! - - Cover We are making photos to lichens when something really unbelievable happens: Conillo meets another Conillo! This one is older than our companion and show the signs of thousands adventures across New Zealand mountains. They get friends immediately and start telling each other the stories of their trips. - - Cover Strange magic creatures witness the event. - - Cover
When we get on the ridge the weather is not very good any more. - - Cover We rest a few minutes. Conillo is meditating on the adventures that his new friend suggested to him. - - Cover After a while we face Mount Arthur. ...Well, actually we would face Mount Arthur, if it weren't completely inside a cloud. - - Cover The idea was to get on top to see all the mountains covered of snow around us... But now, with this weather, we are not so wishful any more to walk all the way to the top. We take this photo all together and start our way back. - - Cover
Back to the forest. The trees here have a fur made of lichen: would it keep them warm? - - Cover Into the forest - - Cover We get a panoramic view: the weather is better, but our mountain (on the right) is still inside the clouds. - - Cover On the way back - - Cover
I love this strange bonsai-forest! Zoom the photo to enjoy it. - - Cover This story ends with this sign that suggest to hurry up. Yes, not a great adventure, but nice, especially in this period: trapped as we are, like hermits, at the cheese-factory. - - Cover


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