Mount Owen from different points of view

A week-end on top of Mount Owen, out of the trail, climbing up the Blue Creek. Matteo and Sylvia are going to tell you their story. Conillo lived something different and he will tell you his adventure.




February, 2013

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Matteo and Sylvia: A nice new trekking, we were ready to go, Conillo was coming with us. Conillo: I decided to invite Matteo and Sylwia to do a trekking with me this weekend. - - Cover M. and S.: It would be easy to walk up the mountain on the trail, but we chose to leave it and climb up the Blue Creek Canyon. C.: I helped them to find the right way in the forest. - - Cover M. and S.: Climbing up along the Blue Creek. C.: I covered their back while they were climbing up the canyon: I felt the presence of dragons and monsters in this forest! - - Cover M. and S.: Where the vegetation was thick we put Connillo in the backpack to avoid him to get dirty for the umpteenth time. C.: I hide myself to take the enemy by surprise! - - Cover
M. and S.: Climbing up. C.: The enjoy the climb completely unaware of the monsters around us! - - Cover M. and S.: It was plenty of nice New Zealand birds. This is a Robin. C.: The forest is full of Feathered Dragons (Latin name: Draconis Pennutus), Matteo and Sylwia seem not understanding the great danger! Fortunately I'm there!! - - Cover M. and S.: Stalactites in a cave. C.: Entrance of a Dragon's den! - - Cover M. and S.: Some nice and hard passages. - - Cover
C.: A short break for lunch. - - Cover 2013-02-05_12-52-42_Matteo M. and S.: Along the Blue Creek to Mount Owen - - Cover 2013-02-05_14-00-01_Matteo M. and S.: Along the Blue Creek to Mount Owen - - Cover 2013-02-05_14-16-51_Matteo M. and S.: Along the Blue Creek to Mount Owen - - Cover
M. and S.: We arrived at a pond that we couldn't cross. So we climbed up the side of the canyon to move around it. We ended very high from the bottom of the canyon. C.: The forests is full of enemies and Matteo and Sylwia got scared by a little pool... Sometimes I really don't understand them! But anyway, I couldn't let them alone in the jungle and followed their detour. - - Cover M. and S.: The short rope we had was long just enough to abseil down from tree to tree. In 4 passages we were in the canyon again. C.: That's nice! I love adventure! - - Cover 2013-02-05_14-12-30_Matteo M. and S.: Along the Blue Creek to Mount Owen - - Cover 2013-02-05_18-18-57_Matteo M. and S.: At a certain point the canyon got really narrow and impossible to climb up (interesting, to be explored with canyoning), so we moved around it for a few hundred meters. Then the valley opened and we walked in the forest. - - Cover
2013-02-05_18-46-24_Matteo .M. and S.: Getting close to Granity Pass Hut - - Cover C.: At night they were sleeping peacefully, while I was patrolling the camp with my spear! - - Cover 2013-02-06_09-33-09_Matteo M. and S.: Tarns close to Mount Owen top - - Cover M. and S.: One more picture of the tarns before Mount Owen. C.: This photo is much better than the one before, because of me! - - Cover
C.: With my muscles and my athletic body I can climb in any condition... Now, how to get down? - - Cover C.: Do you remember Tom Cruise climbing in "Mission Impossible"? Well, he is nothing compared to me! - - Cover M. and S.: The marvellous "stone glacier" between Mount Owen and Bulmer Lake. - - Cover 2013-02-06_11-18-00_Matteo M. and S.: Conillo climbing - - Cover



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