In 2011 we did a very beautiful kayak trip in Sardinia. It ended in Santa Teresa di Gallura. We decided to start this this new adventure exactly where the 2011 one had ended.
This time we will paddle among many little and beautiful islands: Spargi, Maddalena, caprera and others. This spring was very very cold in Europe and now the Mediterranean Sea is cold as we had never seen before (it seams to be in New Zealand!).




June, 2013

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Tamagotchi here it is what we did :-) - - Cover 2013-06-14_19-49-09_Corrado Kayaks on the car. Conillo is checking that the rope is tight enough. - - Cover This year trips starts where we ended two years ago, in the Marmorada Gulf. - - Cover 2013-06-15_15-52-30_Corrado Among the Marmorada's rocks. - - Cover
2013-06-16_13-29-45_Matteo Our paddles, some rope and a couple of sheets: a perfect architecture for a lunch in the shade. - - Cover 2013-06-16_14-29-56_Matteo This year Nathalie is with us, for the first time in a multi-day kayak trip. - - Cover 2013-06-16_14-27-21_Matteo Jumping from seaweed-rocks (Poseidonia)... This jump is a summer tradition. - - Cover 2013-06-16_19-58-57_Matteo-PAN This area of Sardinia is all made of granite rock: we often leave the kayaks to enjoy some nice climbings. - - Cover
2013-06-16_19-31-30_Matteo-PAN_blended_fused Climbing to the top. - - Cover 2013-06-16_19-28-01_Matteo Nathalie and Corrado. - - Cover 2013-06-16_19-35-34_Corrado Matteo on the very top. - - Cover 2013-06-17_10-21-00_Corrado Third day, we leave Sardinia and reach the islet of Spagi. - - Cover
2013-06-17_13-04-32_Matteo Heading north along Spargi. - - Cover 2013-06-17_13-36-23_Matteo Weird rocks (and Sylvia). - - Cover 2013-06-17_13-23-22_Matteo Beautiful colour isn't it? It would be nice to get to those rocks... - - Cover 2013-06-17_15-20-04_Matteo ...And here we are! Kayaking and swimming among the rocks. Unfortunately the spring in the whole Europe was cold and cloudy, and consequently the sea is now as cold as I've never felt it. :-( - - Cover
2013-06-19_11-30-45_Matteo Sylvia and granite. - - Cover 2013-06-18_10-46-50_Matteo Giovanni, our commodore. - - Cover 2013-06-17_17-44-10_Matteo Corrado, Nathalie and granite. - - Cover 2013-06-17_18-02-58_Matteo A naturist panorama... Let's keep it in small size ;-) - - Cover
2013-06-17_18-32-00_Matteo Jump! - - Cover 2013-06-17_20-05-56_Matteo Giovanni is not just our commodore, but also a master chef! He used to cooking also during the last trips, but this year he reached the highest level of ever!! - - Cover 2013-06-18_13-24-59_Giovanni If you have to wait for the others and it's too hot... You can wait in the shade. - - Cover 2013-06-18_11-36-58_Matteo Hidden among the rocks, in strategical positions, there are several fortifications from the second world war. - - Cover



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