Lux Alibi 13 - Nefeg's Castle

Two days in this magnificent location, Piediluco Castle, above the Piediluco Lake.
There were many scenes to make: Dialogue between Nefeg and Nefelia, Mauro and Finvarra prowling into the castle, Stealing the Moon Stone, Battle and escape, dialogue between Nadir and Nefelia... Really a lot to do and a lot of people involved!
We were all a bit stressed, but at the end we got a very rewarding week-end. With perfect weather, nice company and this magnificent place, this week-end will always be a beautiful memory for us.

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October, 2004

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In this week-end we are at "Nefeg's castle", where our heroes will struggle to get the Moon Stone. - - Cover Setting up the set. Gabriele, Daniela, Silvia, Igor and Matteo. - - Cover White balancing the camera, just before the action. When you have two different cameras, doing manual white balance is really essential! - - Cover Frame from the film: Mauro and Finvarra prowling in the castle. - - Cover
Frame from the film: They catch Finvarra... - - Cover ...And Mauro remains alone in the hostile castle! - - Cover Lunch break. - - Cover For Nefeg's castle we have chosen the impressive ruins of Piediluco Fortress. This place was supposed to be closed to public... But fortunately the gate was broken :-) - - Cover
The first time we came, scouting the location, we found that was impossible to get into the tower and to the upper level of the castle... But today we have a ladder! - - Cover Next scene will take place on the tower. - - Cover On the top of the tower, planning the framing for the next scene. - - Cover Panorama of the Piediluco Lake from the Piediluco Castle. - - Cover
The two witches Nadir (Flaminia) and Nefelia (Silvia). Maurilio and Matteo directing and filming. - - Cover Frame from the film: Nefelia and Nadir. - - Cover 2004_10_09_(18.14.01)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} While we are filming the Baron poses for some heroic photos. - - Cover Frame from the film: last scene for today is an impossible battle in the narrow passages of the tower. - - Cover
All done for today! - - Cover After dinner and before partying and singing around the fire... Our friends want to see the result of their efforts. - - Cover We camp on the upper level of the castle, in a place that is always out of the set. I think it was the main room of the castle, but now it has a roof of stars... - - Cover Good morning! - - Cover
Flaminia. - - Cover Some friends join us today for the grand battle scene... and they bring the breakfast! - - Cover While the other are preparing the battle scene, Matteo and Maurilio are filming their intrusion in the castle (so the scene immediately before the ones filmed yesterday). - - Cover Faminia enjoying the cold October morning, with the wind blowing up her cloak. - - Cover



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