Sardinia: kayak and caves with Rossano




September, 2017

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The wind calms down a bit: let's get our kayaks back! - - Cover On the way back to the kayaks. - - Cover Rossano has few days left in Italy, so he decides not to continue the kayak tour with me, but to wander about a bit in Sardinia to see the more he can of this island. - - Cover So we continue alone the trip: there's only Conillo and me. - - Cover
A nice beach to settle the camp. - - Cover Myself - - Cover Conillo - - Cover Cliffs - - Cover
We reach the point where we started our 2011 kayaking trip with Giovanni. - - Cover Climbing the cliffs. - - Cover Amazing colours. - - Cover The perfect spot for the camp of tonight. - - Cover
Tiny coastal lagoon. - - Cover Next morning: wind is rising again and big clouds formations are coming: does it suggest that is time to end the kayak trip? - - Cover We end the kayak trip at Valle della Luna, near Capo Testa. We have a new target: get the top of this amazing cliff. - - Cover Rossano join us in this crazy climbing attempt. - - Cover
The climbing here is often quite scaring, and I'm so concentrated in what I do, that I often forget to take photos. - - Cover Looking for the right way up. - - Cover Happy! But we are not on top yet. And the only known trail to get down starts from the top: so if we cannot get there we don't know how to get down! - - Cover Valle della Luna from the top. - - Cover
We struggle especially in last part of the climbing: it is not so impossible, but with no ropes and no equipment at all it's really scary! - - Cover On top!!!! Rossano is playing with the wind: it is so strong now, that if you lean out of the cliff it takes you back! - - Cover Last evening before Rossano leaves Sardinia. Driving at sunset we see a WWI huge fort on op of a hill. Can we refrain from assaulting it? Off course not! - - Cover View of the fort from the main tower. - - Cover



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