Vulci, the Devil's Bridge and the Canyon




August, 2016

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Conillo rises his ears in the wind. Conillo: Oh yes! - - Cover Cristina flirting with Conillo. Fortunately Alessio is not jealous, so the two don't have to fight in a duel. - - Cover Going back we have to climb up to avoid the waterfall. - - Cover Going back into the canyon - - Cover
Along the way back - - Cover Conillo: Waiting in ambush! - - Cover On the way back - - Cover Panorama - - Cover
Vulci from the bottom - - Cover We have still some time, so I take my friends to visit this amazing hermitage. - - Cover Hermitage of Poggio Conte - - Cover It is a holy place, so let's pretend they are flowers!! ;-) - - Cover



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