Laga Mountains, out of trail




August, 2016

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David enjoying cheese. - - Cover Corrado in a "relax of the shepherd" style - - Cover Laga Mountains ridge. In the valley below, just out of the photo on the left, is Amatrice. This town will be destroyed by the earthquake just two week after our trekking! - - Cover Mount Gorzano ridge and, in the background, the Gransasso. - - Cover
Artistic version of a selfie, by Corrado - - Cover Ieeee! - - Cover Let's go! - - Cover Shepherd, sheep and clouds' shadows. - - Cover
We leave the ridge: now we aim to climb down a little valley till altitude 1400. Out of any trail, obviously! - - Cover The valley is pleasant and full of flowers for few meters, but then... - - Cover ...Then it gets so steep and rocky that we have to leave it and climb down in the forest. - - Cover We camp when we finally manage to get again close to the stream. - - Cover
The camp in the morning. At the dawn about 60 boars ran down in the valley just behind our camp: I've never seen so may, it reminded me the Princess Mononoke film! - - Cover I didn't sleep in the tent: I put my sleeping-bag outside to enjoy the the forest at night and the stars among the leaves. Conillo: "This is actually my camp: look who's in the sleeping-bag!" - - Cover We find an unmarked trail, but this time we are looking for a real marked one: we are expecting to get it at altitude 1350 m. close to a waterfall. - - Cover Nice plant - - Cover
Here it is the waterfall, and also the trail is there, perfect! - - Cover David on a slipway. - - Cover Conillo: "There are many magic dens to explore, in this forest! This, for instance, is really a beautiful sprite's house!" - - Cover Along the way. - - Cover
I'm always the last one. - - Cover Nice waterfall, isn't it? Yes, but there's something wrong: this waterfall in on the map and we are actually only 200 metres faraway from where we camped! How is it possible that we left our trail and got onto this secondary one, without even noticing the fork? - - Cover That's how! The trail crosses an area half kilometre long out of the forest: once it probably was a meadow, but now it is an impenetrable bushland full of stingy junipers! We struggle there for a long time. Fortunately there are at least some raspberries to comfort us. - - Cover In the forest again, the trail is there. The only time that we decide to follow a trail is the trail that deserts us! Funny, isn't it? - - Cover



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