Laga Mountains, out of trail

Laga Mountains, in the Gransasso and Laga National Park, are one of the wildest place in central Italy: a place of great beech forests, a place of beautiful creeks and waterfalls... and one of the few places in Europe where shepherds have still to be worried about wolfs.
I did some canyoning here, but my last multi-day trekking was 8 years ago: I'm so happy to be back!
I planned this trekking with David, then Rossella and Corrado joined us.




August, 2016

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Saturday night we are at Fabio's base camp, in the Gransasso forest. A dinner around the fire among old friends, just before our trekking begins. - - Cover Sunday morning: let's go! We start from a little dam close to Cesacastina village: here a trail climbs up into the forest... But obviously we are not following the trail! - - Cover Conillo knows very well these mountains: he will lead us walking up along the stream. - - Cover This is Fosso dell'Acero: "Maple creek". It is really beautiful with all these slipways, but, to be honest, there are no maple trees, not even a single one! :-) - - Cover
Fording Fosso dell'Acero / Maple creek. - - Cover Rossella on the slipways - - Cover So beautiful! - - Cover The only fall of Fosso dell'Acero - - Cover
Chatting at the fall - - Cover The original plan was to walk on a very hot sunny day, enjoying many refreshing baths along the way... Unfortunately the weather seams to have other plans for today :-( - - Cover We were sad of missing many potential baths, but especially here we felt very bad: how can you avoid a jump in the water here? Corrado is testing the water, but at 1700 m. of altitude and without the sun it's absolutely too cold! - - Cover Clouds are coming from the valley. - - Cover
Rossella and the clouds. - - Cover We camp at about 2000 m., it is very cold and we wear everything we have. - - Cover You don't need a drone if you have Corrado :-) - - Cover The next morning the summer is back! On the background is the Gransasso, the highest mountain in central Italy. - - Cover
It is important to be aware of your limits: I know that if I put the suncream by myself I will get somehow burned! :-) - - Cover Corrado's photo - - Cover Shepherd, sheep and tarn. Getting closer to the summit. - - Cover In 3 pictures Conillo will tell us about the Laga Mountains flora. Conillo: "If you sleep on these little yellow flowers you'll dream magic dreams!" - - Cover
Conillo: "This crawling bluebell grows near the elves hideouts!" - - Cover Conillo: "Eating the yellow dandelion is good: it makes your ears stronger. Sprites use this bluebell to make their hats." - - Cover Getting on top of Monte Gorzano, at 2458 metres. - - Cover From Monte Gorzano summit, a view on the Tordino valley. - - Cover



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