Laga Mountains, out of trail




August, 2016

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Out of the forest we find a shepherd lodge. The shepherd and his friends have just finished to eat a lot of mushrooms. They offer us a coffee and some fresh ricotta. Thank you guys! - - Cover Leaving the shepherd lodge. - - Cover Tordino's valley: we saw it form the top of the Mout Gorzano, and now we are there. - - Cover Our trekking is close to its end, but also the weather is changing fast: some clouds have just swallowed the Gransasso and are now running toward us. - - Cover
Clouds are coming! - - Cover David uses his magic against the clouds, but manages only to bend the trees. - - Cover Drinking - - Cover Rossella drinks in a much more elegant way. - - Cover
Blub, swallowed by the clouds. - - Cover Forest in the clouds: yes, it's almost dark! - - Cover Conillo asked me to take this photo: he says that it shows the path to the elves' valley! - - Cover On the way back. - - Cover
And here it is our car! Rossella is particularly happy because she was worried that we could miss it :-) - - Cover



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